Irreplaceable assistants to couriers, tourists, logistics, emergency services and security services

A personal tracker can be bought in the same way as a beetle (lighthouse, lighthouse) for children, disabled people and the elderly. Can display the phone book and more.

- Mambo2

The case of the personal device is reliably protected from mechanical damages and has orange inserts from rubber. Display - OLED, resolution 128 × 128 pixels, 

Outgoing voice calls and receiving all incoming voice calls, sending SMS. The GPS module is based on a 50-channel chip with an A-GPS receiver, a U-Blox chip, and a powerful Li-Polymer battery. To connect to a computer and charge the miniUSB connector is used. ...


This personal tracker is the newest, multifunctional device for monitoring the location of an object that has two-way voice communication.

Among the features should be distinguished voice monitoring, data logger (track recorder) and the function of Geo-zones zones (GeoFence). The device is small in size. Stylish case, made of glossy plastic. The device not only determines GPS coordinates, but also transmits them via ... 

- QR-203B

203B - Your personal GLONASS / GPS tracker. Miniature, simple and reliable personal GPS-tracker with alarm button SOS. The GPS-tracker supports GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz standards, GPRS and SMS data channels.

The modern GPS-chipset provides fast and accurate location determination. Built-in POWERFUL battery and software allow you to increase battery life throughout the entire working… 



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